RKT (Roket)

На виртуальной машине с coreos:

1.	 First, we need to trust the remote site before we download any ACI file from there, as rkt verifies signatures by default:

$ sudo rkt trust –prefix example.com/nginx

// $ sudo rkt trust --prefix coreos.com/etcd

2.	 Then we can fetch (download) an image from there:

$ sudo rkt fetch example.com/nginx:latest

// $ rkt fetch coreos.com/etcd:v2.3.7

3.	 Then running the container with rkt is simple:

$ sudo rkt run example.com/nginx:v1.8.0

// $ sudo rkt run coreos.com/etcd:v2.3.7

As you see, rkt appropriates ETags—as in our case v1.8.0 will be run.